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  Anti Bullying Solutions

Here you will find a wide range of anti bullying solutions to help deal with bullying at school, over the Internet, in the workplace and wherever bullying may occur.

Pre-school to Early Primary



Bye-Bye Big Bad BullyBug!

A 32 page hardcover publication from LB Kids, Bye-Bye Big Bad BullyBug! is aimed at 4-8 year olds. It is a novelty storybook that helps children face, and then chase away, their fears about bullying at school and pre-school. Written by Ed Emberley, he is both the illustrator and author of over 80 books, including the bestselling Go Away, Big Green Monster!

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Kids Talk About Bullying

Suitable for kindergarten to grade 2, this book is targeted toward the younger audience. Kids Talk About Bullying is a 32 page illustrated book published by Picture Window Books and written by Carrie Finn and Amy Bailey Muehlenhardt. It poses a series of questions written by kids, and answered by the narrator, Sam.

Most responses are only a few sentences long, giving just one simple solution to each problem. The book contains a quiz about bullying and additional resources. It offers some worthwhile advice, and coupled with suitable adult guidance, provides a good starting point for further discussion and exploration of the subject of bullying at school and elsewhere.

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There's a Pint Size Bully In Our School

There's a Pint Size Bully In Our School is a 28 page paperback for the 4-8 year old age group.  

Published by AuthorHouse and written by Sherian Doyle, the book is about bullying at school and centres on a little girl called Trussie who is aggressive, mean spirited, inconsiderate, and somewhat selfish.   Trussie believes that her way is the only way to do things.  She tries to live up to the negative expectations of others. Teacher, frustrated and ready to give up wor  king with Trussie, does not give any support because she do es not expect any better behavior.  Counselor believes that Trussie is not hopeless; all she needs is to believe in herself, and for someone to take time and invest in her. 

First Trussie must learn to respect authority, and trust that someone else has her best interest at heart, and sees some good in her.  Then she can begin to live up to the positive expectations of others, and impress herself as she cultivates self esteem, good decision making skills, friendships and good school grades.

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Stop Bullying Bobby!

Stop Bullying Bobby! is a 48 page paperback written by Dana Smith-Mansell, illustrated by Suzanne Riggio and published by New Horizon Press. It is aimed at children in the 4-9 age group.

This story line is one based on actual events and is aimed at helping children cope with teasing and bullying by promoting awareness, support, understanding, and tolerance of everyone's differences.   The book encourages children to reach out to others and teaches that we all can make a difference!   

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Stop Picking On Me

Stop Picking On Me is a 32 page paperback for the 4-8 year old age group from Barron's Educational Series.   Written by Pat Thomas and Lesley Harper, this picture book explores bullying amongst kids and helps them accept the normal fears and worries that accompany bullying, and suggests ways to resolve this upsetting experience.

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Primary School



Free From Bullies

Two experienced educators, Robyn Collins and Wendy Nichols, have had almost 40 years of teaching under their belts. In this time they have seen first hand the impact that bullying can have on children. They have also seen bullying at school and the way that schools deal with bullying including some who don't seem to take bullying seriously. With experience raising their own families and spending a good deal of their lives in the education system, both Robyn and Wendy are confident of being able to offer help to young people who may be on the receiving end of bullying behavior.

Free From Bullies - Top anti bullying solutions

Given this backdrop, Robyn and Wendy were spurred into action and have written an e-book entitled "Free From Bullying" with the parents and children who are victims of bullying in mind. The book spells out what you need to know to identify, deal with and combat bullying, including what to say to the teachers and the school principal. The anti bullying solutions contained in the e-book are simple, practical and are presented in an easy to follow step-by-step format.

While Robyn and Wendy do not purport that successfully overcoming bullying is simple, they believe that if you follow the steps outlined children can learn to assert themselves, take control of confrontations and deal with bullies in an effective and successful way. Oh, and by the way, Robyn and Wendy want you to take 60 days to examine their e-book and if you’re not happy with it for any reason they'll refund your money.  Click here for more information

Jay McGraw's Life Strategies For Dealing With Bullies

A 192 page hardcover publication written by Dr Phil's son, Jay McGraw, and published by Aladdain, Life Strategies For Dealing With Bullies is written for children in the 9-13 years age group (and their parents). Jay holds a BS in psychology and lives in Los Angeles with his wife, Erica. In his book, Jay takes a no-nonsense approach to bullying as he helps children try to identify potentially harmful situations and deal effec tively with bullies through tips, techniques, and examples of anti bullying solutions that apply to real-life situations.

Jay's book comes with an introductory section written by his father Dr Phil McGraw, the face of the Dr Phil show. Life Strategies For Dealing With Bullies is a useful resource for kids right across the USA and elsewhere. It's application can be used to stop kids being victims and allow them to reclaim the power in their lives.

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Secondary School



Bullying in Secondary Schools

Bullying in Secondary Schools: What it looks like and How to manage it is a 250 page paperback co written by Keith Sullivan, Ginny Sullivan and Mark Cleary and published by SAGE Publications Ltd (co-published by Corwin Press). The book explores bullying at school and has been written with secondary school teachers, administrators and students, as well as the families and caregivers of students in mind.

The publication offers practical guidance to dealing with bullying in secondary schools. Part 1 starts with an introduction to bullying in secondary schools; Part 2 deals with why "bad' things happen at "good" schools; Part 3 discusses what can be done to make the whole sc hool safe; Part 4 delves into the safe school in action.

The authors of this book demonstrate that by empowering the bystanders through providing effective teacher support, much of the bullying can be stopped at an early age and a healthy and safe school environment can be fostered. The advice and guidance contained in the book is based on student centric responses and on programs developed specifically to deal with bullying.

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Coping With Bullying

Real Life Issues: Coping with Bullying is a 48 page hardback publication from Raintree and written by Charlotte Guillain. It is aimed at upper primary to lower secondary schoolers and provides information on bullying and real life cases studies. Can be used as a self help book. 

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For Girls



Stand Up For Yourself and Your Friends

Stand Up for Yourself and Your Friends (Dealing with Bullies and Bossiness and Finding a Better Way) is a 64 page paperback written with 9-12 year old girls in mind.  

The book, published by Amer Girl, written by Patti Kelley Criswell and illustrated by Angela Martini, is aimed at helping girls learn how to identify bullying and stand up and speak out against it.    It contains quizzes, quotes from real girls, and "what would you do?" type scenarios to give readers plenty of ideas for dealing with bullies, including clever come backs and ways to ask grown ups for help.   The publication includes an anti-bullying pledge for girls to sign as well as tips to tear out and share with their parents.

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Understanding Girl Bullying (And What To Do About It)

Understanding Girl Bullying and What to Do about It: Strategies to Help Heal the Divide is a 133 page paperback published by Corwin Press in March 2009 and co-written by Julaine E Field, Jered B Kolbert, Laura M Crothers and Tamy L Hughs.  

Research into bullying between girls suggests that it can be more hidden or less apparent than between boys.   This makes it more difficult for school teachers, principals and other education professionals to detect and address.    Written predominantly for school counselors in mind, Understanding Girl Bullying and What to Do about It : Strategies to Help Heal the Divide deals with the causes and characteristics of relational and social aggression and outlines practical methods for assessment, prevention, and intervention.   The book's authors answer questions about what girl bullying is about, why it occurs, how it manifests itself, how to measure it, and offers up advice on things that educators can do to help girls with these issues.

Understanding Girl Bullying and What to Do about It : Strategies to Help Heal the Divide offers assistance to professionals in remedying the divide between girls by giving them the tools to work through their issues in a thoughtful and positive way.

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Cyber Bullying



Stop The Bull! (Cyber Bullying)

Stop the Bull (Cyber Bullying) is a comprehensive guide for parents and educators on the emerging phenomena known collectively as cyber bullying. The pervasiveness of the Internet, cell phone technology, email, online forums, chat rooms and social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Myspace have given rise to a new form of bullying that knows no physical boundaries. While there is no doubt that this new and emerging technology offers unprecedented opportunities for business, government and people to interact with one another, bringing clear commercial and social benefits, there is a darker side to this technology. Clear evidence has emerged where these technological benefits can and are being used to contact, harass and threaten people in various ways.Stop The Bull - Great anti bullying solutions for cyber space

Cyber bullying is anti-social behavior that can take on a number of forms. This might entail, for example, targeted email campaigns spreading lies or misinformation about individuals or groups or hostile attacks in online chat rooms. You might find that someone who gains access to your Facebook page is posting hateful messages that impugn your character directly on your wall. Another example , may be someone who takes issue with a person's character or personality trait posting a mocking or unflattering video on YouTube with the potential to go viral.

Empowering oneself with important knowledge and information about our "online" world is a must if we are to successfully prevent and stop cyber stalking, harassment, and other forms of cyber bullying. Stop The Bull (Cyber Bullying) contains everything you need to know about how to arm and protect your children from the dangers of cyber bullying. Stop The Bull (Cyber Bullying) is a downloadable e-book of less than 140 pages that is written in plain, simple, easy to understand language. You don't have to have any computer or internet knowledge.  Click here to find out more

Confronting Cyberbullying

Confronting Cyber-Bullying (What Schools Need to Know to Control Misconduct and Avoid Legal Consequences) is a 296 page paperback from Cambridge University Press and written by Shaheen Shariff, PhD.   Shaheen is an Associate Professor and international expert on legal issues that have emerged in relation to on-line social communications such as cyber-bullying, free expression, privacy, libel and criminal harassment.   Her publication is aimed at academics, educators, and government policy makers who are concerned about addressing emerging cyber-bullying and students engaged in expressing or challenging authority through the use of cell phone and Internet / web based technologies.

Currently, there appears to be a policy vacuum relating to the extent of educators' legal responsibilities to intervene when such expression takes place outside of school hours and school g rounds on home computers and personal cell phones.  Students, teachers, and school officials are often targets of such expression.  In this book, Dr Shariff analyzes government and school responses by reviewing positivist paradigms.  Her review of a range of legal frameworks and judicial decisions from constitutional, human rights, child protection, and tort law perspectives redirects attention to legally substantive and pluralistic approaches that can help schools balance student free expression, supervision, safety, and learning.

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Workplace Bullying



The Complete Guide to Understanding, Controlling and Stopping Bullies & Bullying At Work

The Complete Guide to Understanding, Controlling, and Stopping Bullies & Bullying at Work written by Margaret R. Kohutis is a 288 page paperback publication from Atlantic Publishing Company.

The book provides anti bullying solutions to the problem of workplace bullying and violence. This publication will give you the information you need to learn how to identify workplace bullying, how to define the workplace bully, identifying the characteristics of a targeted employee, how to identify pathological characteristic of workplace bullies, how to stop bullying, and how to bully-proof your employees. It also discusses the indicators of a toxic workplace, the causes of workplace bullying, reasons why workplace bullying is perpetuated and unchallenged by other employees, the link between bullying and potentially lethal workplace violence, and the legal dimensions of bullying.

This book offers up what you need to know to help create and foster a better working environment employees and employers alike.

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Stop Bullying At Work

Stop Bullying at Work (Strategies & Tools for HR and Legal Professionals) is a 176 page paperback published by the Society For Human Resource Management and written by Teresa A Daniel. Teresa holds a PhD and is an employment lawyer, HR consultant/trainer, author and MBA faculty. She is also a Principal at InsideOut HR Solutions PLLC, an HR consulting firm located in Ashland, KY, USA.

In her book, Stop Bullying at Work (Strategies & Tools for HR and Legal Professionals), Teresa tackles the issue of workplace bullying from the point of view of an organisation's human resources (HR) department. The book offers up practical guidance and tools to investigate interpers onal conflict that can occur in enterprises and eliminate the problem. Also presented in this publication are policy models that can be applied to tackle harassment issues as well as strategies that can be implemented which comply with legislation. With the help of this book, HR practitioners can learn to handle harassment at all levels in the workplace and, as a result, put that knowledge into practice by working to create productive and healthy working environments.

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Bullying Beyond the Schoolyard

Written by Sameer Hinduja and Justin W Patchin, Bullying Beyond the Schoolyard: Preventing and Responding to CyberB ullying  provides a rich resource of information, knowledge, legal rulings, strategies and guidance that can help education professionals and other adults deal effectively with technology-based bullying and anti-social behavior and ensure the safe and responsible use of computers and the Internet by students.

Bullying Beyond the Schoolyard: Preventing and Responding to CyberBullying is a 254 page paperback publication from Corwin press.

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Bullying - How To Deal With Taunting, Teasing & Tormenting

Writ ten by Kathleen Winkler (a medical writer in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA) and published by Enslow Publishers Inc, this 104 page hardback publication examines what bullying is all about, why it occurs, and what children and the communities in which they live can do to prevent it. The book includes information on bullying among girls, relational aggression, and the psychological damage that results from bullying that is not always plain to see.

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Protect Your Child From Bullying

Protect Your Child from Bullying (Expert Advice to Help You Recognize, Prevent, and Stop Bullying Before Your Child Gets Hurt) is a 256 page paperback from publisher Jossey-Bass and written by Allan L Beane.

Dr Allan L. Beane, Ph.D. is a former classroom teacher with over 37 years experience in various educational roles.   He is also an internationally recognized expert, speaker, and author on the subject of bullying.   His book, Protect Your Child from Bullying (Expert Advice to Help You Recognize, Prevent, and Stop Bullying Before Your Child Gets H  urt), explains the different ways in which bullying can pres ent itself, the harm it can do to children if it's ignored, and most importantly, what parents and caregivers can do to protect their children. The strategies contained in this book are based on solid research and practice in education, sociology, and psychology.   They are inspired by the author's own personal experience of tragedy and are being applied successfully in classrooms across the USA as part of the author's Bully Free Program.

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Bullying From Both Sides

Bullying From Both Sides (Strategic Interventions for Working With Bullies & Victims) is a 191 page paperback from Corwin Press. Authored by Walter B Roberts and Rosalind Wiseman, this publication offers resources that provide supportive step by step intervention strategies and tactics for counselors and administrators committed to working effectively with bullies and the students they victimize.

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